We complement our academic programs with:




The academic programs of the Modern American School prepare its students for optimal performance in college, creating habits of discipline, passion for research, study and reading, all key to reaching a full and satisfactory adult life.

In Preschool, teaching is done in English, with innovative methods that stimulate learning and the development of cognitive and social skills. Through play and directed activities, independence, socialization and self esteem are encouraged by providing the little ones the necessary tools to understand, solve and deal with everyday life situations. Elementary School is preceded by “Pre-First English”, the year in which the student formally learns to understand, read and write English.

In Elementary school, the bilingual system is incorporated, in this system we dedicate half the time to the Spanish program and the other half to English. Our methods promote the integral development and self esteem of our students by inviting them to learn how to be, learn how to do, learn how to learn and learn how to live together. When they finish their Elementary schooling, in addition to the diploma they receive from the SEP, the students also receive the PET (Preliminary English Test) Certificate, extended by the University of Cambridge in preparation for higher level exams.

In Junior High School and High School, apart from fulfilling and enriching the programs from the SEP and UNAM respectively, English courses are taught aimed at mastering the language in order to obtain the Cambridge University Certificates, FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), as well as the possibility of successfully taking external exams such as the SAT and TOEFL in the United States. This makes our students successfully develop their professional lives in the field of their choosing while at the same time opening the possibility to continue their studies abroad.


In search of an integral development, we complement our academic programs with:

Art workshops: painting, visual arts, dance, music, rhythm, recorder and creative writing.

- Development of fine and gross motor skills and body expression
- Sports
- Science workshop
- Computer workshop
- Computer generated design
- Vocational orientation


In order to complement the needs and serve the interests of our students, formative and recreational after school activities are promoted, such as: introduction to sports, motor skills, high performance sports (basketball and track and field), indoor soccer, robotics, chess, photography, musical ensemble, electronic music, choir, theater, journalism, creative writing and French as a third language, and architecture and engineering in Junior High and High School.


Through active programs, such as “Magic Circle”, “Integration Workshop”, “Learning to learn” and “Coaching and mentoring”, throughout academic life, the school favors values like respect, collaboration, solidarity, family rapprochement, honesty, self control, tolerance and responsibility, among others. The goal is to create in students an awareness of themselves, their relationship to others and the environment. Self esteem is developed through knowledge of personal skills and abilities and also acceptance of one’s achievements and failures.


In order to reinforce the learning acquired in the classroom, the students are given the opportunity to go out in groups for visits that allow them to expand the knowledge and abilities acquired, while enjoying the cultural wealth of our country.